A dialogue that is a monologue

×I'm feeling so worthless rn ×I'm officially in a slump ×How am I ever gonna get to the end of this ~It's not your fault your laptop is not working ~Maybe give yourself and your laptop a break? ~You haven't even changed from your work clothes for god's sake before you came home and sat … Continue reading A dialogue that is a monologue

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

On other days, I wake up to dream of Seven impossible things before breakfast – i. The fishes will fly Someday When we’ve run out of water and All the world can’t tell me what to do ii. Poetry will come to me, when I want it to iii. The fat girl will unlearn the … Continue reading Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast


The sunlight falls on the red bricks like gold, glinting through the cracks in the wall. It’s a blistering 48 degrees in Delhi. I see him walking through the School of International Studies lobby, fully dressed in school uniform with a tray of idli-sambar in his hand, meant for someone else.  I enter the SIS … Continue reading Chotu