On Winter

Do you hear the whispers in the air?
The soft chug chug of the winter train,
Or the hooves of a hundred reindeers,
That bring you things to dream again?

The Polar Express is on it’s way
And there’s already a nip in the air,
As the elves go a-packing the season’s gifts,
And the winter fairies circle near.

“What’s your favourite winter thing?”, you ask. 
A thousand thoughts spin in my head,
-Christmas trees, star streamers bright,
My birthday cake!

“What of cracked lips and cold feet,
Parched skin and blue toes,
Midnight blues and frost biting my nose?”, 
You sulk.
‘Don’t you have a favourite winter thing then?’,
I ask. 
You nod a negative!

“What of bed teas and waking up late?
Fuzzy pillows and warm blankets,
Big sweaters and soft woollen mittens?
Pullovers and cuddling to sleep with the kittens!

-Blue shirts and red socks,
Caramel and tea pots,
-Postcards and sweetmeats,
Baking cookies by the oven heat,
-Tales over coffee mugs,
Chocolates and warm hugs,
-Snowflakes and fresh starts,
Misplaced socks and hearts!

-Lazy nights spent absorbed in a book,
Or scribbling poems by some secret nook.
-The sound of the wind rustling through the leaves,
The fall of the snow, soundlessly each eve.
-Misty nights and brumous skies,
Falling stars and fireflies.
-Wishing wells, snowy trails,
Santa Claus and New Years wishes,
-Dream come trues and moonlight kisses…”

And I would have gone on with my list of wintry delights,
But you cut me short and hold my fingers tight:
“Do you mean to say, 
You still believe in Santa Claus?
And Winter-elves, Magic and the lost boys cause?
Of all those things that only come in books,
Aren’t those fiction and children’s flukes?”

I pause for a moment to ponder on what you’ve said,
Fix your scarf and dust the snow away,
Smile and pull you close and bring my lips to your ear,
Whisper the words as I hold you near.
I say, “Books never lie and dreams do come true,
And all the magic in the world really lies within you,
Fairy tales aren’t for children and fictions aren’t flukes,
They’ll give you the strength to battle a hundred winter blues!
And many years from now when you seek warmth in their refuge,
You’ll know that the children of winter, 
Never grow old!


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